Délice Perlé delights the taste-buds of both young and old alike with its

Original waffles that come in various flavors: salty or sweet, on any occasion. 

Our sweet waffles

Savory and crunchy to perfection, to have for breakfast, in the afternoon or as a tasty snack: you can have the warm Délice Perlé sweet waffle topped with a creamy chocolate sauce, whipped cream, icing sugar or even without toppings!


Crunch & crack!

Our BIOriginals

Delicious savory stuffed Bio waffles that have redefined snacking!


Délice Perlé believes that eating on the go can -and indeed must- be synonymous with enjoyment and flavor (re) discovery. 


Bio waffles offer a great alternative to conventional snacks that have long cease to surprise our taste-buds. 


Made with a crispy crust and cooked stuffing, available in many flavors, BIOriginals waffles are delicious snacks and gourmet excellence. 


Crunch & crack!