Who hasn't experienced the pleasure of something sweet after an afternoon stroll? 


Délice Perlé is a high quality food truck that invites you to live a unique taste experience!


Délice Perlé offers you a great excuse to give into temptation with savory crispy waffles, in both sweet and salty versions. Needless to say, everything is set for you to have an amazing time! The adventure is fabulous and the welcome is as warm as the delicious waffles. And the special touch: the waffles are freshly made in front of you! 


Crunch & crack!

The + of Délice Perlé:


-Quality: Carefully selected ingredients.

-Hygiene: Neat and tidy mobile kitchen that meets the HACCP standards. 

-And the cherry on top of the cake waffle… :)
our always greeting smile!


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